The following surveys are intended to reveal strengths and areas where there are areas for improvement. With stakeholder input, these surveys should help Lincoln County to identify and prioritize needs, determine strategies to address the needs and allocate resources for the strategies. 
Please take a few minutes to complete the surveys. 

In accordance with Georgia law, the Lincoln County School System plans to enter into a Strategic Waivers (formerly IE2) contract with the Georgia Department of Education effective this school year. For more information, visit our website.

Congratulations to Lincoln County's Teachers of the Year!

Megan Goolsby, LCES, Jasper Dukes, LCMS,

and Kathy Thomas, LCHS       

 LCES's Nutrition Manager, Suzanne George, receives recognition in STRONG4LIFE website. Read HERE.

Lincoln County Welcomes Our New Teachers!

Front row (l-r): Octavia Chiles, June Pursley, Regina Reid, Melanie Delancey, Liz Dunaway
Middle row (l-r): Colbi Dunsmore, Kayce Patrick, Jason Bonds
Back row (l-r): Chad Harmon, Matthew Mayhue, Travis Lee


Diploma Information for Former Students Meeting Graduation Requirements Except for Graduation Tests
Diploma Petition Form