Update 10/21/21 @ 8:03 A.M. Update to the GBI investigation and lockdown on Wednesday, October 20th. The perpetrator was trying to call Lincoln County High School in Kentucky. He googled it, and LCHS of Lincolnton must have come up first. The investigative authorities in Kentucky have identified a suspect for the threats to both Lincoln County High Schools (Georgia and Kentucky). We were never the target of this prank. As a precaution, we will have an increased police presence at all schools.

Update 10/20/21 @ 7:01 P.M. Lincoln County High School received a threat from a caller who threatened to harm teachers and informed them they would be there in five minutes. We reacted to this as a genuine threat and placed schools on lockdown. The safety of everyone on campus is our highest priority. No one was harmed, and the measure was precautionary. The lockdown was lifted at the end of the school day except for a slow, methodical, and systematic release after safety was ensured. All after-school activities were canceled as a precaution! All schools will resume normal operations on Thursday, October 21st. The police are investigating the call and following all leads to apprehend any suspects.